Battery Backup PV


A. Solar Array

B. Protected Load Panel

C. Charge Controllers and battery inverters

D. Battery Bank

E. AC disconnect switch

F. Optional Generaton

1. L.E.D. lighting

2. Ceiling Fan

3. Phone charger

4. Range

5. Refrigerator

6. Coffee Maker

7. Motion lights

Solar Panel Installation Florida

I couldn't be happier with the battery backup solar system that I had installed by Florida Renewable Energy. It has completely eliminated our electricity bill and keeps us from being anxious about power outages! Thank you so much!

Susan M.
Wauchula, FL


Don't get left out in the dark! Protect your important loads with a battery backup system. As seen in the diagram below, there are a few components that go into making the system run effectively.

Basic overview of battery backup

This is a simplistic overview of a battery backup system, if you would like more detail contact us here by filling out the form or email me at KYLE.BRONSTEIN@GMAIL.COM and I will be happy to walk you through that.

The solar panels collect the dc electricity and the solar panels are arranged in series and sometimes brought in parallel also through a combiner box in order to achieve the proper current and voltage for the particular setup.

After that the DC power from the solar panels is being sent to the charge controller, which regulates the charging of the batteries.

The batteries are usually hooked up in series and parallel also, before being hooked into the battery inverter. The job of the battery inverter is to bring the power up to grid voltage, and frequency, so that you can use the power in your home. The power is then sent to a protected load panel (also known as an uninterruptible load panel), which will stay on even when the grid is down. All excess power after feeding the protected load panel will be sent to the grid so the power company can credit you for it.

Battery backup systems are essential for medical electronics, deep freezers, safety/security lights, and other vital electrical equipment. Don't delay, protect yourself and your family today with solar pv battery backup!

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