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Solar Golf Cart Charger

We offer premium top of the line solar golf cart chargers! We can sell you the kit directly with instructions or come install it for you for an extra charge. Other kits are very underpowered and don't really make a difference. Most others are around 90 watts or close to that, while ours is cranking out 250 watts! We have the highest quality equipment including a Grade A 250 watt 60 cell solar panel, a GV-boost waterproof, 5 year warrantied charge controller, all wires and terminals, and aluminum low profile mounting hardware! You can monitor the performance of the solar and the state of the batteries with your battery monitoring system. All of this for the same price as the low quality competition!


What does this mean? 

Basically, all that stuff above means that you can drive about 10 miles per day on sunshine alone! This means that most golf cart owners will never need to plug in their golf carts to an AC power supply. You basic have a mobile solar generator!

On average, having a high powered solar charging system will increase the lifetime of your batteries by 30% and save you a bunch of money on your power bill by not having the steady draw of the golf cart charger.

Just like any other solar install from us, this will pay for itself several times over before the warranty is expired!


Solar Attic Fan

Getting a solar attic fan installed is probably one of the simplest and most cost effective way to start saving money with solar power. During the summer, our attic get EXTREMELY HOT! Dangerous temperatures of up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit! All this heat has to go somewhere, so it is attracted to the coolest spot, which happens to be your ceiling. Heat from your attic is literally leaking into your house, making your air conditioner run more, making your house uncomfortable, and driving up your electricity bill.

The Solution 

The obvious solution is to cool down your attic. There are many ways to do this. Blown in insulation is useful because it slows the process of the heat going into your house through the ceiling. 

Some people like to have Radiant Barrier installed to block the heat from coming in the first place, it works quite well, however it is not for every house, and is VERY hard to install. Therefor it can wind up costing a lot of money.

Getting your attic spray foamed also has its pros and cons, i'll sum them up for you. Absolutely the best way to cool your attic, VERY EXPENSIVE.

The winner is:solar-powered-attic-fan

Solar attic fans are very cost effective and have a very critical role. They work well being installed in conjunction with any of the solutions above (blown in, radiant barrier, spray foam), but also work great by themselves. The whole idea is to get that stagnate hot air to start flowing. A solar attic fan will steadily pull hot air out of your attic whenever the sun is out to heat the attic up. The same sunlight that heats your roof is also powering you photovoltaic panel to run the fan to pull the heat out. It really is a great solution and we highly recommend it!

Solar generator

If you have a small power need, you may be a good fit for a solar generator. They can be custom built to order, and can power anything from rvs, to boats, to agricultural equipment. A solar generator is a great alternative to a gas generator because you never need to fill up the tank, it doesn't make any noise, and doesn't emit any harmful, smelly gas fumes. 


We will be donating a percentage of all sales to go towards helping establish a small solar generator and clean water supply for people in developing countries.