Why go Solar?

Why solar panels for your home is now a necessity!

Photovoltaic energy has been rapidly changing over the past few decades, and gaining a lot of speed especially during the past few years. It has gone from being a sci-fi like energy source, to being more main stream and necessary than any other power source. There are many different theories as to when we will run out of fossil fuels like coal and oil. Some say 10 years from now we will be dried up, others say we have over 50 years of fossil fuels left. The bottom line is that it is a finite source and we are running out! On top of that, the process of turning fossil fuels into electricity is terrible for our environment! Solar power doesn't create any pollutants that harm our environment or ozone. Has there ever been an opportunity to help out with such a noble cause, all while helping out yourself financially? You will save tens of thousands of dollars over the next few decades for switching to solar. The easiest thing that every homeowner can do help out is to get solar panels for your home! 

Feel free to contact us and we will explain all the benefits of going solar in full detail!

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Solar energy is a very wise financial investment

Most peoples favorite benefit of going solar is the financial benefits that it brings. We can't really say we blame you. Grid tie solar has a return on investment far higher than any other guaranteed financial vehicle. Not to mention the tax benefits that you can take advantage of and the increase in home value that you will see. We go into greater detail on all of these subjects on our cost of solar page .

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Solar energy is great for our environment

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Solar energy can greatly reduce our dependency on fossil fuels

“Because we are now running out of gas and oil, we must prepare quickly for a third change, to strict conservation and to the use of permanent renewable energy sources, like solar power.” – Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States

Getting solar panels for your home makes you cool!

Getting a solar panel installation not only adds monetary value, but also makes the home feel more modern. Homeowners with solar panels installed tend to seem intelligent, ahead of the curve, and successful. Much like other home upgrades such as granite, marble, or impact windows, it adds to the "feel" of the home. We encourage you to visit some homes with solar installed on them or check out our photo album to see what we are talking about.

Solar Panel Installation Florida
25 KW on flat tile roof in Windermere, FL